Introducing ‘7 Questions with Emmy’ and her interview with Keith Morrison

I was floating down the Henrys Fork in Island Park with my wife and kids three months ago when we decided to make a short video for my Facebook page showing off beautiful Idaho.

We posted it and someone in the comments wrote that I should have my daughter, Emmy, interview me. I mentioned this to Em and she loved the idea. In fact, she came up with a proposal to have her own segment on my page called “7 Questions with Emmy.” Why seven, you ask? Well, she had just turned 7 years old and thought it sounded good.

So we recorded a video in the playroom. A few days later, she asked her mom if she would be interviewed. Then, her little brother, Everett, agreed to answer seven questions the following week while they played on the swingset.

Emmy fell in love with interviewing and decided to expand her conversations outside the family. She asked Ken Despot, the owner of Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant, to answer some questions and has since interviewed people all over the community.

Idaho Falls Police Lt. Jessica Marley was kind enough to answer Emmy’s questions and take her on a ridealong in her police car. Em spent some time making pizza with the founder of Pizza Pie Cafe, saw the trap door in the stage at the Yellowstone Playhouse while interviewing the owner and was invited over to Frank VanderSloot’s house to ask the Melaleuca CEO seven questions.

However, Emmy’s conversation with Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison last week really took off. wrote about it and some pretty well-known people have reached out asking if she would be interested in interviewing them.

For weeks, my colleagues have told me we should feature “7 Questions with Emmy” on I’ve hesitated because the videos are quite informal and Emmy might decide next week that she no longer wants to do them.

But after the response she received week, we’re going to give this a shot and post a different “7 Questions” video every Monday for the forseeable future. If you have an idea of someone she should interview, email me and I’ll pass the suggestions along to her. And if you want to see all her prior interviews, you can catch them here.